Loving golf – and nature

#12 at Wasatch State Park GC  October 2012. Gartner's Pass in background to the right.


Wasatch State Park, Utah, October 2012

Dear golfers.
I like golf. But I also love to experience wildlife and nature in general. I admit that I am very concentrated on a golf course and can find myself having played 18 holes without looking at the surroundings. And where I live, a mile high in the Wasatch mountains in Utah, there is definitely a lot to enjoy once I look up. In the past month the fall colors have been amazing against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Big flocks of wild turkey pass across the fairways, and mule deer take cover when balls are hit into the trees. The sand hill crane family has been with us on the Soldier Hollow golf course all summer, but have now left for more southern latitudes.
The reason why we start this site is because we enjoy to combine our interests, golf and wildlife. We will take you to interesting golf courses where you can also experience dramatic nature and interesting wild adventures. Maybe you hit the links one day, and hike a national park the next. Swinging Wild will be you guide. Hopefully you will add your comments to our presentations, but also add courses and places you have visited and can tell us more about.

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